Thermal Transfer

Thermal transfer is the most popular and cost effective method of thermal printing.  Thermal transfer labels utilize a thermal ribbon and as the label and ribbon pass through the printhead together the ink from the ribbon is melted and transferred to the face of the label.  Thermal transfer printing is not only economical, but produces extremely durable and scannable labels that can last quite a long time when compared to other printing options.  

Thermal transfer labels are available in rolls with a variety of core sizes or in fanfolded stacks.  The labels are also available in colors (standard & fluorescent) or with synthetic face sheets and adhesives.  Give us a call to see what other types of thermal transfer labels we have for you or start your search by clicking the link below.  

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Direct Thermal

Direct thermal printing is another very popular printing method that we specialize in.  Direct thermal labels utilize a special face sheet that has unique, ink-like properties built right in.  As the direct thermal label passes through the printhead, the sensors in the printhead activate the properties changing the color from white to black!  No need for thermal ribbons here!  Direct thermal printing creates great looking labels that are not needed for long-term applications.  

Direct thermal printing may seem like a great idea, but this method of thermal printing is not for everyone.  Limited durability, sensitivity to light and exposed environments are just a few issues when considering direct thermal.  Still not sure?  Speak with one of our Account Managers today to see if direct thermal labels are right for you.  

Rolls vs. Fanfold

Thermal transfer and direct thermal labels usually come on a roll with either a 3" or 1" core.  The different core size depends on the type of printer.  Industrial size printers use a 3" core with 8" outer roll diameter and small desktop printers use a 1" core with 4" outer roll diameter.   Jumbo rolls with a 3" core and 12" outer roll diameter are also available for larger printers and print and apply machines.  

Fanfolded labels are simply stacked on top of one another instead of on a roll.  The labels are fed through the back of the printer and run through the printhead like normal.  Environmentally conscious companies also like the fact that fanfolded stacks have no waste because there is no core leftover like traditional rolls.  Not all printers are built to accept fanfolded labels so please check with your Account Manager before ordering.  

Which type is better - rolls or fanfolded?  While several stock sizes are available as fanfolded, many more sizes are available on rolls.  As far as performance, one way isn't really 'better' than the other.  It really comes down to availability of your size and your own personal preference.  


Don't let the name scare you - custom labels are much more common than you think.  A custom label simply refers to any type of label that is not kept in stock.  This could be an odd size that is specific to your needs, it could be a custom color, a specialty material or adhesive; or it could be a completely preprinted label where all you do is apply the finished label to your product.  When it comes to custom labels, the possibilities are endless and the only limits are your imagination (and the laws of physics).  


Laser & Inkjet labels come in sheets and are mostly used for office mailing and shipping labels.  We carry a large selection of die-cut sizes comparable to the name brands in the big box office stores, but at HALF THE PRICE!  Our selection includes specialty face sheets like Brown Kraft Paper which works great on corrugated boxes or Gold & Silver Foil labels that can be used for custom printed product labels.  If you're printing with an office laser or inkjet printer then we have labels for you too!