PrintheadSaver® is a proprietary thermal transfer ribbon (TTR) that is designed to maximize your up-time while producing sharp, crisp print and clean edge definition for all your labeling and bar-coding needs. PrintheadSaver® thermal transfer ribbons are available in a resin enhanced wax, PrintheadSaver® Extreme Series Midrange™ (ESM™) wax/resin and Extreme Series Resin™ (ESR™) formulations for flat head technology printer applications requiring a higher level of performance and versatility.  For near edge or corner edge technology printers, PrintheadSaver® Techno-Edge™ wax/resin and resin ribbons are designed to get the maximum efficiency out of near edge printheads, providing you with the superior performance characteristics you need for abrasion and environmental resistance.  

All PrintheadSaver® ribbons feature advanced technologies such as an anti-static coating and high sensitivity inks that enable you to maintain and sustain the life of your printheads, use less energy and print at faster speeds.