Our take on customer service...  it's personal.

The absolute very best part of my job at TLW is the professional and personal one-on-one bonds and relationships that I’ve created with my clients and coworkers. I enjoy learning about who they are, on a personable level. Also, occasionally…I even do some work here!
— Toby, Senior Account Manager
Working at TLW for over the past decade has been great. Every day is a new adventure. I work with hundreds of people helping them save money while supplying them with a great quality product. Here we believe good old fashioned customer service, quality and pricing keep us ahead of the pack. It also helps that I enjoy waking up and coming to work, not many people can say that!
— Ron, Account Manager

TLW is a great place to work. We all work well together as a team in a positive work environment to meet the goals of our customers with honesty and mutual respect for each other. I enjoy the laid back atmosphere we generally have but yet always put the customer’s priorities first. It’s also been heartwarming when we have come together and been there for each other during personal triumphs and tribulations like a family.
— Lana, Customer Service Manager
TLW to me is an opportunity. It’s a job that I love and am good at. It allows me to utilize skills that I think I’m best at including accuracy, speed, and multitasking. I constantly feel challenged and enjoy the ability to continually grow my skills and my breadth of involvement in the company.
— Stephanie, Customer Service