See what our customers have to say about us.

TLW is a great company to do business with. They have great customer service skills and are always there. They get my labels and ribbons out quickly to me whenever I place an order. I can always count on TLW!
— Rebecca, Virginia
We mainly started buying from TLW because our other plants did. It was an informal agreement that has turned into many years of excellent customer service and a great vendor relationship.
— Susan, California
Ron has helped me out of a few sticky situations when we’ve run out of labels. I like that he is always there and ready to help when I call. We’ve been customers for years and I’m sure we’ll be customers for many more years.
— Charlie, Georgia
TLW is a first class operation all the way. I like that they are always there when I call and that my account manager (Toby) knows me by name. I also like that he knows what ribbons we use because we have several printers that I buy for!
— Jen, Tennessee
The price is right and the great service makes it easy for us. Keep up the great work!
— Michael, New Jersey
Dealing with TLW is always a pleasure. They are very helpful and have provided us with quality products for many years. My account manager (Toby) is very knowledgeable and fun to work with too!
— John, Pennsylvania
Thanks to Evelyn, we received the ribbons on Saturday and were able to continue running production through the weekend. Thanks again for your top notch customer service.
— Keenan, Kansas
Too often we like to point out things that don’t work out and we don’t say thank you to someone who does provide great service. It’s folks like Stephanie that keep customers like me coming back, acquiring a customer is one thing but retaining a customer is just as big. Jake always takes care of my orders immediately on the front end, and now that I know Stephanie is taking care of my orders/issues on the back end – I am a very happy customer. Thanks to both of them, but especially to Stephanie for helping to save my day.
— Bill, Maryland